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Where to find the Apollo API Keys

Follow these steps to find your Apollo API Key. If you don't have Apollo yet, use this link to sign up.

* STEP 1: Go to your Apollo dashboard and select Data enrichment from the left side menu.

Step 1

* STEP 2: Click the API menu item as shown.

Step 2

* STEP 3: On the left side menu, click API Keys.

Step 3

* STEP 4: If you already have an API key, skip to 4B, otherwise skip to 4A.

Step 4

4B - You Already have an API key :
Click the Copy icon shown above, and paste that into Parsley.

4A - No API Key :

Click the Create new key button.
Give the API Key a name.
Leave the Set as master key on.
Click the Create API key button at the bottom right of the screen.
Click the Copy icon shown above, next to the new API key and paste that into Parsley.

Step 4A

Updated on: 03/02/2024

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