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Invite new users to Parsley

How to invite new users from your ATS user list

Parsley is connected to your ATS. Because of this, you can only invite users that are already active users in your ATS system. The original user (Admin) of your account is the only person that needs to connect with (authenticate with) your ATS. Once you connect to your ATS initially, all other users you invite can use that same connection.

To invite new users to Parsley:

Log in to the Admin Site
Click on the 'Invite Team Member' button
In the popup window, start typing the name of the user you want to invite in the search box. (Note: If the search isn't working, you probably don't have any "Unassigned Seats" available to assign to new users. Please first add more seats, and then try inviting users again.)
Click the "Invite" button

Once you invite a user, they will receive an email notification to set a password for Parsley. Once they set their password, the only thing left for them to do is to:

Install the Chrome Extension
Log in to the Chrome Extension
Navigate to and start matching profiles!

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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